• exhaustion;
  • tiredness;
  • inflamed skin;
  • red purulent pimples;
  • oily skin;
  • white or yellowish "pinched" dots;
  • irritability;
  • sleep disorders;


  • most skin problems refer to the body’s internal problems;
  • inflamed and purulent skin refers to excessive moisture and heat in organism;
  • liver excessive heat and fire;
  • eating inappropriate food;
  • eating too much spicy, oily, fried, sweet food;
  • emotional stress and instability;
  • pancreas (spleen) low energy level that causes moisture gathering in body;
  • deficiency of substances vitamin A, vitamin F, potassium, zinc,
  • consuming too few omega-6 fatty acids;
  • dysbacteriosis;
  • hypoacidity;
  • nutritional defects;
  • contamination of the body;
  • parasites in the body;
  • impaired intestinal microflora;


  • Remove heat and moisture from body;
  • Strengthen the pancreas¬†(spleen) energy;
  • As long as moisture and heat are visible in our body, the skin problems will not go away, no matter what you put on or how you treat the skin. You should focus on getting out the excessive moisture from body.
  • Changing you eating habits is the key to get rid of acne.
  • Use different herbs which help to remove heat and moisture from body;

Nutrition suggestions:

  • avoid food which brings heat and fire into the body;
  • avoid hot, spicy and oily foods (junk food like burgers, french fries etc);
  • do not eat hot spices such as chilli, pepper, garlic;
  • avoid grilled and smoked meats, fatty meats;
  • avoid sweets with refined sugar;
  • avoid dairy products that bring too much moisture into body;
  • use pear, monk beans and asparagus to remove moisture and heat;
  • use herbs like violet, dandelion, astragalus, atractylodes, rosehip tea and bupleurum;
  • use seeds like job’s tears, sesame;
  • use grains like rye, millet, rice;
  • use vegetables like radishes, spinach, celery and tomatoes – they help to start stopped liver energy; eggplant, carrot, fennel are suitable for strengthening the pancreas;
  • use meat like chicken and beef;
  • use fruits like apples, red date, tangerine bark;


According to Chinese medicine, acne is caused by excessive moisture and heat in the body. The diet should definitely be reviewed – reducing the proportion of fatty and oily foods, dairy products and flour and sugar products. There are plants (job’s tears, mandarin peel) that help remove excessive moisture from body and plants (dandelion, violet)¬†that reduce heat and moisture.

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