• strengthens immune system;
  • increases libido;
  • relieves cough;
  • relieves asthma;
  • eliminates impotence;
  • relieves infertility;

Acid-Alkaline: ;

Usable parts: mushroom;


  • as tea;
  • powder as food supplement;

Contraindications: cold diseases;

Character: warm;

Taste: sweet;

Organs Affected: kidneys, lungs;


Cordyceps (aka Caterpillar fungus, Cordyceps sinensis, Ophiocordyceps sinensis) is a fungus that has been known in China and other parts of Asia for over 1,500 years as an energy restorer and quality of life improver. Ganoderma is a parasitic organism: most members of this family grow on insect larvae or breeds. Cordyceps has been compared to ginseng and has a strong effect on humans body endurance. It is very effective in the treatment of respiratory diseases. Cordyceps improves aerobic performance, increases libido, strengthens the immune system and helps against stress.

Cordyceps strengthens kidneys and lungs energy. Stimulates kidneys and boosts immunity. Cordiceps is suitable for immunodeficiency and chronic diseases. In addition, the plant helps to recover from disease and congestion.

Scientists have also found that the polysaccharide separated from Cordyceps has a blood sugar lowering effect, which may have a beneficial effect on people with insulin resistance. Studies have shown that the use of Cordyceps increases adenosine triphosphate levels in the body by up to 30% and oxygen uptake by up to 40%. Adenosine triphosphate is responsible for storing and transferring energy in the body cell’s. This explains the significant increase in physical endurance.

Cordyceps has also been considered a wonderful improver of love life. Several studies have been conducted in which most women experienced increased libido and many received help with menstrual disorders. Also, unpleasant symptoms alleviated or disappeared during and after menopause. Cordyceps stimulates the work of kidneys upper parts, thus hormonal balance in the body is being improved. Clinical studies among men have shown an increase in both sperm viability and sperm amount.

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