• strengthens immune system;
  • reduces tumor cells;
  • relieves fatigue;
  • prevents altitude sickness;
  • relieves insomnia;
  • helps to strengthen memory;
  • removes sputum;
  • relieves cough;
  • relieves heart palpitation;

Acid-Alkaline: ;

Usable parts: cap


  • use powder to make tea;
  • add powder into dishes;

Contraindications: blood clotting disorders;

Character: neutral;

Taste: sweet;

Organs Affected: heart, liver, lungs;


Ganoderma mushroom benefits

Ganoderma (aka Reishi mushroom, Lingzhi) is described in Chinese medicine as a mushroom that helps to calm the spirit down. Reishi has been used for over 2000 years, making it one of the oldest medical mushrooms. Ganoderma has many benefits to anxiety and insomnia, it helps to fight against fatigue and lowers blood pressure. In Southern Asia countries, reishi is traditionally associated with longevity, sexual activity, wisdom and happiness. Ganoderma healing effect is on it’s flesh as well as on the mycelium and spores. The drugs are prepared on the basis of alcohol or spirits extracts. At home, dried mushrooms are grinded into a powder and consumed as a tea.

Ganoderma is suitable when a person has low energy, low immunity or a lot of mental work/tension. When a person has spent more energy than he has restored (the body is exhausted), it is important to support the body gently on a long-term period. Ganoderma or reishi is used in oncological diseases too.

Ganoderma has anti-cancer effect and is the best herbal treatment against cancer

As Ganoderma is widely used in a long time of period in folk medicine, scientist have now start to test it. The stimulatory effect of the extract on the immune system and its anti-cancer effect has been found. Ganoderma is a safe remedy and is increasingly used for the treatment of cancer, especially during and after chemotherapy. It strengthens immunity as well as liver function. For the treatment of cancer and other serious diseases, use the fungus only as directed by a specialist. Because the fungus is considered to be slightly toxic, use for more than three months can cause side effects.

Helps to prevent altitude sickness

The complex effect of ganoderma on the immune system allows it to be used against any immune related problem. Ganoderma mushroom has benefits for many longstanding illnesses such as candidiasis, chronic fatigue, mumps and HIV. Ganoderma has most effect when using it with other medicines. Ganoderma has anti-allergic effects and can be used, for example, against allergic diseases such as bronchial asthma. It has also been used by Chinese climbers to prevent altitude sickness.


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