Golden root


  • reduces inflammation;
  • relieves fatigue;
  • prevents altitude sickness;
  • helps to strengthen memory;
  • relieves agitation;
  • strengthens mental health;
  • relieves depression;
  • relieves erectile dysfunction;

Acid-Alkaline: ;

Usable parts: roots;


  • standardized extract, tablets or tincture;
  • take the doses recommended by the manufacturer;
  • golden root is often used together with ginseng;
  • do not use when having bipolar disorder – golden root may then cause irritability and sleep disorders;

Contraindications: do not use while taking blood pressure lowering drugs, blood sugar lowering drugs, cholesterol lowering drugs; do not use while you have bipolar disorder;

Character: cool;

Taste: bitter;

Organs Affected: heart, pancreas (spleen), lungs;


Golden root benefits

Originally coming from the mountains and cool climates, golden root aka rhodiola rosea is an effective mood enhancer and depressant. Its effect is related to the improvement of serotonin and dopamine levels in the body. Studies in humans have shown that it improves physical and mental performance and can reduce fatigue. Gold root prevents stress-related changes in appetite, physical activity, weight, and reproduction cycle.

Golden root has many benefits. The root extract enhances mental ability, especially concentration, in both healthy individuals and those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. It has been used in Asia and Scandinavia for centuries, while in other parts of the world its popularity is still gaining momentum.

Make tincture of golden root

In folk medicine, the root of a plant with more than two stems is used as a medicine. They are collected in August-September. For the second time, roots can be harvested from the same place in 10-15 years. Make extract of the root by pouring 100 g of vodka onto 10 g of golden root rootstock, let it stand for 10 days, shake it frequently and then take half of a teaspoon daily.

Do not use golden root with other prescription drug

NB! Some ingredient of golden root supplement, that is sold in the internet may interact with nitrates found in some prescription drugs, such as nitroglycerin, and may lower blood pressure to dangerous levels. Men with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or heart disease often take nitrates.

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