• reduces inflammation;
  • lowers body temperature;
  • relieves swelling;
  • cools body down;
  • recovers from hangover;
  • relieves fluid retention;
  • relieves skin rash;
  • moisturises skin;
  • heals ulcers;
  • relieves thirst;
  • cures blisters;
  • helps to urinate;
  • heals venous ulcers;

Acid-Alkaline: strongly alkaline;

Usable parts: pulp, inner peel


  • cut slices and serve on plate;
  • make juice or smoothie of watermelon pulp;
  • use it in salads;
  • add some feta cheese on watermelon slice;
  • put watermelon inner slice on blister or on other venous ulcers;

Contraindications: do not use when you have cold and/or moisture symptoms in body;

Character: cold;

Taste: sweet;

Organs Affected: heart, kidneys, bladder;


  • removes summer heat from body;
  • reduces fever heat;
  • reduces inflammatory disease;
  • use watermelon inner peel for mouth blisters and other skin ulcers;

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