Job’s tears


  • relieves joints pain;
  • relieves muscles pain;
  • relieves swelling;
  • relieves water retention;
  • relieves edema;
  • stops runny nose;
  • removes sputum;
  • removes mucus;
  • relieves diarrhea;
  • stimulates urination;
  • relieves white vaginal secretion;
  • relieves urinary tract infection;
  • relieves watery vaginal discharge;

Acid-Alkaline: ;

Usable parts: seeds;


  • in porridges;
  • in smoothies;
  • in salads;

Contraindications: none;

Character: cool;

Taste: sweet;

Organs Affected: kidneys, pancreas (spleen), lungs, stomach;


For Eastern medicine, moisture is one of the factors that blocks the movement of energy. If the energy flow in our body stops, different pains may occur. Joints are often a little swollen and not moving well. People who have drought-related joint pains (pains, that get worse in wet weather), should switch Job’s tear seeds to the diet.

Job’s tear seeds have a sweet taste and according to Eastern medicine they strengthen the spleen, stomach, lungs and kidneys energy the most.

It’s also worth eating Job’s tear seeds for inflamed skin problems: carbuncles, furuncles and acne – they are are all caused by heat and moisture in our body. Job’s tears seeds have hard cells, they should be soaked in the day before and then added to the porridge in the morning. However, if you do not have the time to soak them, you can also grind the seeds before putting them in the meal.

Job’s tears should be eaten before the pains. It is not a pain reliever, but a root cause eradicator – it removes excess moisture from the body so that energy can move again and the pain disappears. However, there are different reasons for joint pains, the Job’s tears only works for the pain caused by excessive moisture.

No need to worry about hurting yourself with eating too much Job’s tears. Human body senses itself when enough certain type of food has been consumed. After all, none of us wants to eat the same taste every day. Children’s digestive system is weaker than adults and reaches full capacity at puberty. Moisture builds up in their body more easily than in grown-ups’. We emphasize the importance of milk in getting calcium, but we mostly overdo with dairy products. The balance must be kept. Job’s tears are also perfect for children.

Job’s tears help to reduce the swelling caused by fluid retention, but it is more effective against swelling caused by moisture.

The most important effect of this plant is that it helps to remove moisture from the body and strengthens the spleen energy. According to Eastern medicine, the spleen is the organ responsible for recycling the moisture. We get moisture to our body mainly from food. If the moisture starts to accumulate excessively in the body, it can be assumed that too much dairy, liquid or raw food has been consumed. Excessive moisture in the body is indicated by chronic mucus secretions: chronic rhinitis, chronic bronchitis with sputum secretion and chronic white discharge. When children have a lot of moisture in their body, mild adenoids are formed. Adenoid is a materialized moisture in Eastern medicine.

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