Kidneys low energy may cause infertility and decreased libido

The kidneys are the fundament of our bodies. When the body’s fundament is weak, the body becomes sick.

In the kidneys there is stored our inherited energy. It is said that when we born we get a cup or a pot of hereditary energy. The quantity depends on our genes, but also on the health of the parents at conception, the health of the mother during pregnancy and how the pregnancy progressed. We cannot change hereditary energy, but we also have daily energy that we can influence. It can be obtained by the body through food, drink and breathing. The higher the quality of our daily energy is, the less we spend our inherited energy. In order to produce energy that is transferred to and stored in the kidneys, it is very important for our stomach and intestines to constantly fill and empty. Strong kidney energy is needed to allow the kidneys to excrete residues.

How can we be sure whether the kidneys are full of energy or not? Simple Symptoms You Can Watch For.

  • Overall energy level. If you’re constantly exhausted and tired, that means your kidneys are low on energy.
  • Tired or cold lower back. This is the area affected by the kidneys. If you have difficulties walking or sitting with straight back, it shows that your kidney energy is weakened.
  • Hearing loss. Weakening of kidney energy can cause tinnitus or ringing in the ears, which worsen with fatigue.
  • Decreased libido or infertility. Because our kidneys have our inherited energy and the kidneys are responsible for transmitting that energy, sexual energy is also related to the kidneys.
  • Decaying teeth;
  • Hair turning gray;

Older people have weaker kidney energy,  because living  spends it most.

The kidneys are most strained off by stress or living under stress. This means that we are always ready for something. It consumes energy, but nothing happens.

In addition, the kidneys are most strained off by overworking and multitasking. The balance between work and vacation is out of place. If we use more energy during the day than we restore with food and sleep, it will be at the expense of kidney energy. If this happens constantly, we will eventually be empty and exhausted.

The two best things about how to strengthen your kidneys and get them working again?

Rest (just physical rest – sleeping, just being) and qi gong exercises (breathing exercises) are the best to restore kidneys energy. Practicing a Qi Gong is like laying the base in your body. They do not have to be very physical and are designed to improve the energy performance of organs. The most important rule of qi gong is that exercises work best when done, otherwise they will not work. It is advisable to do it daily and continuously. Better 10-15 minutes every day than 1 hour a week.

Energy drinks that are said to give wings are often used against fatigue. They are very good for getting and using energy from the body, but they do not give energy back to the body, rather they exhaust the body. Therefore, these drinks are a very short-term solution what we do not recommend.

Food that helps to strengthen kidney energy?

  • Ginseng provides energy and restores body fluids (for example, if you have been sweating excessively or have had diarrhea, blood loss). White ginseng has a softer effect and supports more kidneys and heart, more suitable for women. Red ginseng gives more energy or fire and is more suitable for men. Red ginseng should not be consumed by women as it strains them faster off. At the same time, men must also be careful with red ginseng. In China, old men take it.
  • Cordyceps is a plant that strengthens kidneys and lungs energy. Stimulates kidneys and boosts immunity. Cordiceps is suitable for immunodeficiency and chronic diseases. In addition, the plant helps to recover from disease and congestion.
  • Ganoderma is suitable when a person has low energy, low immunity or a lot of mental work / tension. When a person has spent more energy than he has restored (the body is exhausted). In this case, it is important to support the body gently on a long-term period. Ganoderma, or reishi, is used in oncological diseases too.
  • Rhodiola rosea (golden root) – stimulates, energizes and tones.
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